Performance Boats is owned by Solaris Yachts

  • 30 Wally Yachts carbon composite large sail yachts delivered.
  • 45 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. The Forlì facility was created in 2008 as a result of an agreement with Wally and has been recently upgraded to allow the complete, integrated construction of large composite custom sail yachts  previously manufactured by Wally in Fano and Ancona.
  • DEEP PERFORMANCED PEOPLE. The hi-performance boats team has 20 years experience and 30 Wally carbon composite large sail yachts delivered. Most of them are key senior Wally people from Engineering, Composite, Fitting and Systems and development Departments.
  • PROPERTY AND FINANCIAL SOLVENCY. Among the shareholders of Performance Boats there are important persons from the yachting and finance world, like Marc Giorgetti and Giuseppe Giuliani Ricci.
  • CERTAINTY ON DELIVERY TIME. So far all the orders have been delivered according to the agreed contract terms.
  • EFFICIENT AFTER-SALES SERVICE. Prompt and efficient after-sales service ready to support the client for any kind of issue everywhere in the world.